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Satellietgroep (2006) is an international cultural network that explores how the sea influences social and natural environments. Worldwide coastal regions are under tremendous pressure due to climate change, shifting economics, politics and tourism. Satellietgroep develops participatory projects involving social inclusion and exchange of local knowledge on global scale by realising innovatory interactions between communities and policymakers, crafts and heritage, arts and science. We collect, interconnect and contextualize new artistic research and works with existing works and program public events, traveling film festivals, exhibitions and workshops to enhance the resilience of coastal communities. Our aim is to activate and facilitate people in finding, understanding and translating local traditions, skills and knowledge from past and present into global tools for future generations to cope with coastal transitions.

Since 2012 Boer is co-curator for the 'Now wakes the Sea' program. His task involves research for potential collaboration partners and setting up new residencies programs, selecting residents in collaboration with partner organisations, create insights and opportunities to make an embedded program of activities for the residents based on working with local community and experts. Organise public programs for cinema screenings, workshops and debates.